Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rose Parade

"Propel Your Dreams"

"Sharing the Great Outdoors"

Long Beach Mounted Police

Natural Entertainers

Grand Marshal - Cloris Leachman

Hats off to New Mexico- Beep Beep!"

"Bollywood Dreams"

Martinez Family has riden in 29 consecutive Rose Parades.

"Salute to the USO"

"Camelot - A Nights Tale"

"Family Outing"

Lions Clubs "The Miracle Worker"

The parade was started 120 years ago with horses and carriages.

The Rose Queen

Making a Splash

Jack Hanna

"Entertaining Exhibition"

All American Cowgirl Chicks

"Hee Haw" RFD-TV

Mechanical Melodies, this float was staged in front of us before the parade was started, the gears moved and we watched flower petals fall off.

Trader Joe's Saturday Matinee

Hats Off in Celebration

Remember in the float barn I said this arrangement was beautiful, but I didn't think it was finished, now it is!

This is where the TV Camera and official photographers get there shots, known as TV corner.

Another view of TV corner, the viewers bleachers, in my opinion the best seats on the parade route. We were sitting maybe a block away, Dave and I walked down before the parade started.

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