Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Siletz Dee Ni Tribe

Siletz Dee Ni Tribe from Oregon performing The Feather Dance at the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival in Washington DC

It was very hot that day!
I am glad I got a front row seat to get these great pics! Love their regalia and learning about their tribe. Wishing them the best in keeping their culture alive!


n8tivemama said...

Hello my name is Rosalee and I am a member of the Siletz Tribe. My daughter and myself were dancing during the festival and I was wondering if you possibly had any other photos. Since I was dancing I did not have the opportunity to take any of her or myself and am hoping to gather some. I really do appreciate it if you are able to post them or even email me but understand if you do not. My daughter was the older of the 2 little girls and the baby was my niece who you have a picture of dancing with her dad. These are amazing pictures and thank you so much for sharing this with other.

Deb said...

Rosalee, I do have a couple other photos I will send them to you if you can e-mail me at I am so glad I had the oppurtunity to see your tribe dance and happy that you like my photos! Deb Packard

Donna Williams said...

So colorful and fun! I love to watch the Native American dances. They always have them at the New York State Fair, with the Onondoga tribe. Thanks fo sharing!