Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple Harvest Photo Contest

When we got home from out trip there was a large envelope from the National Apple Festival and upon opening it I found out I won the grand prize and an honorable mention in their annual photo contest. A large blue ribbon and a small green one, with a check of 110 dollars!! They have had this contest for many years, if I remember right they had it back when I was a crafter and set up a booth there. For people not living in Southcentral PA, Apple Harvest Festival is a 2 weekend event in October in Adams county, having apple activities, food and crafts of all kinds, I think they have antique cars and the steam engines. I printed out the info a couple of years now but never entered until this year about a week before the deadline. Here is the website.
Grand Prize Winner
Both were in the same catagories, Division 3, special effects, creativity or something like that.
Honorable Mention

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Donna Williams said...

This is great, Deb. It looks like a fun contest. Both of the photos are winners for sure! Congratulations.