Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAVT - Wellsville

Went to see Josh and Don at the mid Atlantic vintage trials event in Wellsville, PA. Josh rides a modern bike but they still have modern class. He won the modern A class.

Love the faces they make!

This is my brother Don, on a vintage bike.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Waterfalls

At the other end of the picnic area where the lunch stop was is a very scenic little stream. With the heavy rains from the day before there was more water than I remember in the past.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PaTRA Dual Sport - 15th Annual and Final Ride

June 2010 Update, I have been noticing people goggling Patra Dual Sport, just to let everyone know there will be a dual sport this year, 2010 under a new director. e-mail me if you want more info, it will be from Seven Mountains campground that is under new management also, the camping rates are higher. e-mail debapaka@aol.com please put dual sport in subject line

The back of the t-shirt, my brother has been organizing this dual sport for 15 years and has decided it is more work and less fun every year. It may continue if another member of the Pennsylvania Trail Riders (PaTRA) wants to take over.
Registration at the Seven Mountains Campground, we only had 112 riders this year.

My brother, ready to inspect riders before they start the ride in the Bald Eagle State Forrest. This is just one of the many jobs he does for the ride, before hand he does paper work for AMA, meets with Forrest Rangers, mapping the route turn by turn.

Some other members ready to go on the pre-ride to make sure the route is still properly marked.

Bikes at the lunch stop.

Half way through the ride we provide a lunch for the riders, this year it was catered, other years members made and served a lunch.

The Pavilion, the last several years the Forrester reserved the pavilion for the lunch stop.

A rider trying to fix a flat tire. That rock has seen many a motorcycle!

The sweep team, coming back to the campground after making sure all the riders were off the route, they offer there assistance if any rider needs help.

more of the sweep team!

And the last rider in... my brother!

On behalf of all the members of PaTRA
Thanks Don!
and Thanks to other members that helped through the years.
Hopefully it will continue but if not, licensed motorcycles still have access to the trails and the forresters are in the process of making maps of the trail system.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grad Party

Friends of ours, son graduated from high school and we went to the party. She wanted me to take photos so she didn't have to. Here is just a few of them.
Kim and Justin, married 20 years today.
Their son, Jonathan

Dancing at the party!

Best Friends, had their party together.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Does't Look Like this Anymore

18 Years ago we were building our house, and pretty much of that time it has looked like this. Adding things over the years, but now it is time for a change, I never thought I would paint over the stenciling but it is gone now. I sanded it some and 3 coats of primer, it is now gone. The red white and blue theme will be gone also.

Grandpa's desk will get a new location.

Our TV cabinet my father -in-law made will move a little to the left.

I'm not sure about the corner cupboard made out of an old door will make it back in yet. The curio cabinet will stay but will probably move. New carpet is ordered and a new sofa! I will be making new curtains, I have my eye on another chair, too. This old goose neck will find a new home, it is used to moving around, it has just moved in the living room when one of the sofas moved with Breanne. I didn't take a photo of the old sofa, it will probably go to a yard sale or goodwill.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Amish

Taken a couple of months ago while driving around near our camper. An Amish family in a buggy driving in front of us, I took the picture thru the window of the car.
To the person who commented about photographing the Amish, I asked a photographer the same question at an art show where he was selling prints of the amish. He said they don't like their privacy taken away, they don't like people coming on their property and taking there photo. He had special permission to photograph them. As for me taking this photo, they were on a public road and I wasn't invading there privacy. I see it as they were looking at me I was looking at them. Amish have been on TV for local news casts. They will never take a photo of each other that is against their religion.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jena and Ryan's Wedding

Breanne was a bridesmaid in this wedding and she took my camera along, Bear or Breanne took these photos. I did the editing. The wedding took place at Allenberry Playhouse Resort.

Their cowboy boots!

Breanne and Bear
(not sure who took this photo!)
Good Job!