Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zach's Senior Photos

Zach graduated High School this past June and these pics are almost one year old. 
My laptop died sometime between when I took the pics and when his mom ordered the prints, Luckily I still had them on my memory card and the ones I am posting today are the ones they ordered. 

 The first three photos he is looking at the college he is planning to attend this year!

 This last one is one of my faves and his too!  I have wanted to do a senior with graffiti for a long time, so I mentioned it to him and he said OK. A quick trip back to his house for black pants and a tee. Off we went to the only place I knew of, on an outside wall of a tattoo parlor.  (his mother told me recently it has since been painted over) I added his name and year on the wall in my editing program.
After the photo shoot he told me "That didn't hurt to much, wasn't as bad as I thought it might be."