Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Editied Photo from Another Photographer

I have been looking for different blog challenges to get more experience with my photograhy and came across this editing challenge at

The challenge was over but I asked if I could use his photo and my edit on my blog and the anwser was yes!
This is the photo this photographer took.

This is what I did with the photo


I used the same layer I used on the "blue christmas" ornament photo I posted earlier. Also did other basic editing things including, noise reduction, sharpening, blemish removal, different crop. levels in brightnes and contrast. I even gave her a little bit of a tan!

I have done this with other photograhers photos just for practice since I don't get an oppurtunity to do portraits that often.

If anyone has a photo you would like me to edit, e-mail me

I was really happy when the photographer commented on this post! ♥read comment▼


Alex said...

Oh I love this edit! Great job, love the added snow!!!

Deb said...

Thanks, glad you liked it looking forward to doing another one.