Saturday, September 25, 2010

PA Fairs

We went to 3 different fairs in the last 2 months, not spending a lot of time at any of them but had fun at the things we did get to see.

Mifflin County 4H Youth Fair
The first time we really got to see any garden tractor pulls

I liked how they leaned to get the most traction, some looked like they were riding a bull!

View from the parking lot!

South Mountain Fair
In Adams county

The farm Breanne's boyfriend occasionally works at

The cows getting their daily bath!

"Don't wake me till lunchtime!"

Some of the entries at the fair.

Breanne and Bear entered some photography and Bear also entered a wood working mirror project, which he won a blue ribbon. They one 2 blue and 3 red on their photography.

The York Fair
I only wanted to go to the fair to see if I won any ribbons on my photos, but a quick trip to the animals and we stayed watching a 500# pig having piglets!

We only got to be there for 2 of the piglets, she was in distress and they brought curtains in so she could have more privacy.
We found out later she had 14, one was stillborn and another one died later.
After the curtains were pulled at the piggies we went to see my photos, I didn't do as well as other years...

Teddy Bear on a Chair - 2nd place - Still Life

Cannon at Sunset - 3rd place - Sunrise Sunsets

Lavender Harvesting - Honorable Mention - Agriculture

The last 2 did not win anything

The End

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