Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Birthday Party Time

My husband's Mothers Birthday Party
So I made a birthday cake


Ariel, her grandaughter did the flower arrangements, picking flowers off the mountain side

Enjoying the cupcake!

What a cute smile when he saw I was taking his picture!

Lucile's Siblings

In front- Mary, Lucile, Marjorie
In the back- Frank, Jim, Harold, and Richard
Ester could not attend
(Gordon deceased)

Leo and Lucile and the boys Earl, David, Kevan and Douglas
Marsha living in Wisconsin could not attend

The whole gang
(the ones that could attend)
Front row-Bev and Earl - Leo and Lucille - David and Me
back row - Kevan and Jane - Douglas and Jill, Ariel and Autin - Breanne and Josh

Not attending Marsha and Doug, Carrie and Alex Ripkey
Adria and Aaron Jeffery
Andrew Packard
Whitney (Josh's wife)

The trip home and some fall scenery before dark

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