Thursday, August 27, 2009


The clock was thought of when we were shopping for the chair and a half, Breanne went along and while we were waiting for the salesperson we wondered around the store. I had said that I wanted a big and different clock and that I saw some photo clocks but they were to modern for me. Breanne had said that she saw a neat clock that had no numbers that she thought was interesting but was modern as well. So she said something about a numberless clock and hang photos around it. So after some research on the web I found this clock with no numbers from a clock parts website and bought 12 cheap frames from the dollar store, and tada....

After I got the clock I decided that 5x7 frames would work best and then just place 4x6 photos in them. I have plans to change the photos as time goes on! I first arranged them on the floor.
Then we made a template on the dining room table and placed everything where we needed it, measurement was key.

Then the paper went on the wall and the nails went in.

I placed the photos with no glass, with black photo corners so they can be easily changed.
I would like to eventually find old photo frames and change them so they all will be different.

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