Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wire Tree and Vintage Ornaments

I first saw this wire tree on Margos Junkin Journal blog and thought it was really cool to hold your vintage ornaments, I kinda thought it was old and I would never find one, shortly after that I saw one at a local antique mall and it said not for sale. So, I knew then you could probably find them and they probably aren't old. I looked on ebay and found a bunch and bought one!

Some of these I bought at a trift store some were my parents.


Heiting pondering's said...

I'm looking for this exact tree also. Could you tell me what you searched on ebay. I can't seem to find any with my searches. Thanks!

Deb said...

Not sure, maybe try 40 Ornament Wire Christmas Tree you may not find them on ebay now, maybe closer to Christmas. I did see one on a google search at

hope this helps.