Monday, November 24, 2008

The Trip to Penn State

We left the campground at noon on Saturday. As usual traffic was backed up on 322, it usually is moving slowly but today it was standing still. We waited about 5 minutes and some people were getting out of their cars to talk to people get refreshments etc. Dave thought we might be able to go the long way around, over the mountain. So off we went on a snow covered dirt road. It was beautiful, snowing all the way. The following are some photos I took from the car, through the window.

The first three are in black and white, I think most snow photos are better in B&W

This is my favorite, in color.

An Amish Farm closer to the end of trip, I think my fotofriend DMW, from Hanging on the Laundry Line is going to like this!!

Love the icicles hanging off the cabin, a man was looking out another window as we drove by, I did get Dave to stop for this photo, I took a quick shot waved to man, he smiled and waved back!I'll have some football photos tomorrow.


DMW said...

Aw, thanks, Deb! I DO love the barn photos, they are excellent! I'm surprised to see so much snow there on Saturday - up north, we had none! Where are your photos from the game??

Deb said...

I will have some Tues. I didn't have time to edit them yet.