Friday, November 28, 2008

Last Three Days of November

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Who could ask for anything more, lots of food, fun, and family. Well, the last 3 days of November I will just be recaping some favorite photos I took this past year, that haven't already been on my blog. In December, I will have nothing but Christmas stuff. As you can see I am in the middle of changing how my blog looks.

Today will be animals! The deer in our backyard, The one ducking to look at me under the apple tree is a buck.

One of the first days off this summer I went for a drive to Hanover Shoe farms an took some photos of the new foals.

The bear in the campground, the photo I thought I never got. I saw some people walking and looking at something while we were sitting outside at the campground, when I looked around I saw the bear, quick got the camera from inside the camper and then looked for it an snapped away. After it was o longer in sight I remembered the camera was set for a fast shutter speed because I was shooting in bright sunlight earlier, when I reviewed the photos it was nothing but black, I kept them on the camera and downloaded them when we got home. I could tell there was something there and started experimenting with the editing program and found the bear!

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