Monday, May 30, 2011

Our New Campsite at Hemlock Acres

On May 22,2011 we went to Hemlock acres just to move the camper to its permanent site. We were planning to move it Saturday, but heavy rains on Friday delayed it a day.

This is a pic before moving on it, this is where the camper will be.

More stones than need but, too late now! And, lots of branches to cut and use as firewood.

View from the driveway/parking area. Our neighbor here in the picture is also from the old campground.
After Dave pulled off the temporary site he backed it all the way down the road...

... into the shared driveway. And into our futures neighbors site.
Then pulled into our new site, Josh helped!
He had to drive into the neighbors site then back it to where he wanted it.
After maneuvering back and forth several times he decided to back it all the way back to the future neighbors site ti try again.

And finally it got there!
Now, fast forward to May 28th, with the help of my brother we got the deck put back together.
And TA-DA its ready for camping!
The fire ring we ordered from Josh and Whitney's Gift card from Christmas!
And my Christmas present from Dave an Dutch oven.
And Peach Cobbler!It tasted very good but was burnt on the bottom.
Happy Memorial Day!

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