Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 55's Photo at a Bowling Alley

I have been wanting to go to this bowling alley to take a photo with the 55 ever since I saw it on the way to the first car show last spring. So on my birthday before breakfast we drove to Surbuban Bowlerama on Queen Street. They open at 10am on a sunday morning and I was hoping for no cars in the parking lot, but one was there right in front. I am sort of glad cause it made me look for different angles to get away from the parked car.
Some of the photos I edited the stripes out of the parking lot and if you know the area I had to edit out the TV and radio towers that are behind the building. Also edit ed out was security cameras.

The last one is my favorite! On the one end of the alley was a bar & grill called Alley Opps! The pink sign in the window gave just the right amount of contrasting color to make this a 50's inspired shot!

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