Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Penn State win over Northwestern = Joe Paterno's 400 Win

Joe Paterno talking to the youngest coach in the BigTen, Pat Fitzgerald
JoePa outstanding in his field!!

The team coming thru the tunnel

Joe talking to the ref.. wonder what was said..HMM

Never have seen Police or Security on top of the pressbox adn on top of the skybox!

Some of the game

Halftime show featuring the new feature twirler!

More game!

Nittany Lion gets excited after a touchdown!!!

My boyfriends!

Right before the end of the game

The crowd chanting Jo-Pa-Ter-No and clapping I couldn't get a good shot!
But Joepa is on the shoulders of 2 of his players!

The score board showed all his 400 wins!

During the ceremony thay thanked his wife

They presened him with a crystal football

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