Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Places - Kathy's Cafe and Hughesville, PA

On the weekend of the wedding after a nights stay around the Montoursville area we were going to an antique store that opened at 10 am and wanted to find a place for breakfast that wasn't fast and we went to the town of Hughesville and the first place we seen was Kathy's Place, so we stopped in for breakfast!
We were not expecting what we walked into...

But loved every minute every nook and cranny!!

Albums on the wall, 5o's red kitchen tables and checkered floors.

After we ordered I went to the car to get the camera.

The wall were we sat was a very long chalkboard. There was more stuff but I did not want to disturb the local customers and and make a spectacle of myself by taking photos of everything! So all the pics were from my seat!

More people came in as we were ready to leave.
They use local meat products and produce when they can.

The town clock

White House Apartments

If your ever in the area stop in, for a visit!

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