Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Last of the Packards National Meet Photos

The last of the photos I took that day. The first 2, took me several tries and not till the end of the day, I waited for no people to be around to get the full shot of the Seminary tower and the car.

Al Capone's car before he went to jail.

If you want to read the story click on the picture and it may be large enough to read.

My favorite hood ornament, I usually try to get the sky into the background because of distracting poles, wires, modern cars or odd buildings. This is perfect with the side of another Packard.

So why a motorcycle? It's a Harley!

I guess it was used as parts delivery vehicle or just for advertising.

That is about it, I posted about 7 days now and some may have missed some days so if you go to the right hand side of the page and find LABELS you can click on Other Packards and see more. Or you can find and click older posts at the end of the page. Also, you can see out Packard by clicking 55 Packard on the sidebar under Labels.

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