Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Snow Continued

As we drove into State College, the snow diminished some and was lightly raining.

The Iron Horse Sculpture at the Harley Davidson dealership.

Beaver Stadium as we turned onto Rt 26 to go to park at Walmart.
Once we parked, a short walk to the bus stop we boarded "The Football Express"

This was taken on the way up the ramp looking northeast

We waited some around the concession stands then we went to our seats, the snow was removed from the seats but not the floor area.

Whitney wasn't cold at all!

The student section and the southeast corner, the game started before the students showed up.

The second half kickoff.

We left the game a little early to beat the crowd back to the buses. The shuttle bus service worked very well.

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Linnea W said...

Wow...full house even in the cold weather. Your snow shots are gorgeous. We don't get that here in the San Fran Bay Area...