Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe and The Boys

It's that time of year again!!! Penn State season opener with Akron.
Breanne took the photos before the game started using my camera.

No. 2 Chaz Powell (catching the ball) from Susquehannock High School, we watched him play in high school when Breanne worked for the marching band there.

Zip the Kangaroo mascot for Akron.

The drum major flip!

The game begins!

Then I captured the first touchdown of the new season!

"We Want The Lion" student sections yells!
Fun stuff is always happening during the breaks in the game!

The Cowbell Man!

The halftime show was of course a tribute to MJ and the Lion doing Thriller.

Curt Warner inducted into the Hall of Fame

More Cowbell!
In my sisters section of the stadium! haha! NK

Second string QB passes!

We win 31-7
After the game we went downtown and when we came back past the stadium QB Darryl Clark was outside signing autographs, this girl was so excited!

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Good shots! Go Penn State!