Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Does't Look Like this Anymore

18 Years ago we were building our house, and pretty much of that time it has looked like this. Adding things over the years, but now it is time for a change, I never thought I would paint over the stenciling but it is gone now. I sanded it some and 3 coats of primer, it is now gone. The red white and blue theme will be gone also.

Grandpa's desk will get a new location.

Our TV cabinet my father -in-law made will move a little to the left.

I'm not sure about the corner cupboard made out of an old door will make it back in yet. The curio cabinet will stay but will probably move. New carpet is ordered and a new sofa! I will be making new curtains, I have my eye on another chair, too. This old goose neck will find a new home, it is used to moving around, it has just moved in the living room when one of the sofas moved with Breanne. I didn't take a photo of the old sofa, it will probably go to a yard sale or goodwill.

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