Sunday, March 1, 2009

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

I joined a group of fellow photographers from Lancaster Meetup group for an early morning photo journey to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area where snow geese and swans stay while migrating north. We left the house around 4:15 am to meet up with everyone at 6 am.

This photo shows the most geese taking flight, it is a little blurry but it was snowing and around 6:50 am we met early for the sunrise but it was snowing instead. After I got frozen shutter finger we went back to the car and warmed up and drove around the lake to look for other sites.

These were taken from the other side of the lake at Red Rock Picnic area, it was getting a little brighter out.

We found some wandering around close to the road.

By the edge of the lake you could see the swans a little closer.

Down by the visitors center was a pond with Canada geese, and a duck walking on ice.

The Visitor Center


The Creator's Touch said...

deb, i believe you entered a drawing for a give away on my blog, your name was drawn and your the winner so please contact me about the details, thanx for entering! i hope you love the item that was made with love by my own hands!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful photos. Just went there today for the first time!

Ann said...

Hi Deb,

Came across your blog in another, but had computer problem and couldn't comment. Found it again in Scenic sunday. My daughter's name is also Deb.

I like those photos of the swans in fight. Did you have to wait a long time for them? What kind of camera do you use?