Sunday, April 25, 2010

Campground Under New Management

We knew the Seven Mountains Campground has new owners and some changes would be made, but not this quick. We are afraid of what is to come. All we need is a simple basic campground, similar to the one Dave and I meet at nearly 35 years ago. We will know more in about a week from now.

This is the new office, a model of one of the Camper cabins they are selling. If you ever were there this is in front of the house the past owners lived in and had the office in. Many of the trees where cut down, along with the tree a camping couple got married at a couple of years ago.

Two of the model camper cabins they are selling and or renting.

The bathrooms were just a cinder block building, they added porches to both sides and I think added a laundry room to the end. Still working on that. The one end has a handicap jiffy john.
Oh, that planted a tree right next to the basketball net.

Waterfall by the office and pavillion.

And a firepit

Now the news we know right now. The regular camping rates went from 25 dollars a night to 40 dollars a night. According to the website
101 Seven Mountains Campground Rd.
Spring Mills, PA 16875

The PaTRA dual sport this year is still starting from the campground.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Second Car Show

As we left one car show and headed to the other!

It was at a Sonic Restraunt in Red Lion
Parked across from a 57 Chevy

Here is my brothers car, 83 Monte Carlo. Note the size!!!

Remember this car from the first show?

Here are some details

The hood ornament!!!!

Some of the same cars where at this show. This Lincoln was not.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Car Show

My brothers car is on the other side, an 83 Monte Carlo SS yes it is now an antique!
I'll have another picture of it at the second car show we went to that day!

The car show was held at my old high school, by the weld shop.

This car won for best street rod!

55 Chevt Nomad and it's hood ornament.

A Studebaker Silverhawk, love those fins!

This looks like a fun vehicle
A matching toy truck!

I like to capture reflections of cars in hub caps, baby moons are perfect.

The stuff he had with the car when we bought it, we reframed and rescanned some.

I have some other photos of this car show and another one we went to that day, later.